The Q-Strip® Instrument

GSD Thunderbolt® // Q-Strip®


The GSD Thunderbolt® is a compact automated immunoassay system based on the Enzyme-Linked Chemiluminescent detection. 

Our Q-Strip® single cartridge tests are compatible with the GSD Thunderbolt® Benchtop Single Cartridge Immunoanalyzer. 

It is a completely self-contained 'walk-away' processing unit. The 100% automated system requires no pipetting making it incredibly convenient and user-friendly.​

  • Built-in Barcode Reader

  • Benchtop instrument (allows you to reclaim bench space & maintain capability) 

  • Extensive menu

(over 22 parameters available in single-cartridge ready-to-use format)

*New tests in current development

  • Analytical module with 24 single test positions

(can run up to 24 tests per run) therefore, broadens overall test runs per day

  • Intuitive software provides all the features your lab requires + more

  • Integrated monitor, keyboard, and printer system allows for easy training and ongoing longevity use 

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