The CDG Q-Strip® Free Testosterone test is a chemiluminescent

direct immunoassay designed for in vitro quantitative measurement of free

testosterone in human serum. Measurements of free testosterone are used

in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving the male sex hormones

(androgens), including primary and secondary hypogonadism, impotence in

males and, in females, hirsutism (excessive hair) and virilization (masculinization) due to tumors, polycystic ovaries, and adrenogenital syndromes.


The CDG Q-Strip® Free Testosterone kit box is comprise of:

1. 24 monodoses or tests cartridges.

2. 1 (one) Bottle CDG Q-Strip® Wash Buffer.

3. 1 (one) Bottle CDG Q-Strip® Decon Solution 


CE Marked.

For Research Use Only (USA)

CDG Q-Strip® Free Testosterone x 24 Tests CE Marked


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