CDG Q-Strip®



solid-phase immunoassay designed for in-vitro quantitative measurement of hormones and other biomarkers in human and veterinary applications.

The tests are offered in unique, single-use cartridge format minimizing user intervention. The assay is packaged with ready-to-use reagents and calibrators, eliminating time consuming reagent preparation and providing safe, reliable results.

Our platform produces high-quality quantitative results, with outstanding traceability in all CDG Biotech Q-Strip® thereby assuring labs and medical professionals receive trustworthy patient information.

CDG Q-Strip® Menu 

1. CDG Q-Strip® Free Testosterone x 24 tests CE Marked
2. CDG Q-Strip® DHEA-S x 24 tests CE Marked / FDA listed 
3. CDG Q-Strip® AMH/MIS (Anti Mullerian Hormone) x 24 tests CE Marked
4. CDG Q-Strip® hGH (human Growth Hormone) x 24 tests CE Marked
5. CDG Q-Strip® SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) x 24 tests CE Marked

6. CDG Q-Strip® 17 OH-Progesterone x 24 tests / FDA listed / CE Marked

7. CDG Q-Strip® Total IgE x 24 Tests CE Marked

8. CDG Q-Strip® PCT (Procalcitonin) x 24 tests 

9. CDG Q-Strip® Vitamin D x 24 tests CE Marked

10. CDG Q-Strip® Insulin x 24 tests / FDA listed / CE Marked

11. CDG Q-Strip® Anti-TPO x 24 tests CE Marked

12. CDG Q-Strip® Anti-TG x 24 tests CE Marked

13. CDG Q-Strip® Androstenedione x 24 tests / FDA listed / CE Marked

14. CDG Q-Strip® sTfR (Soluble Transferrin Receptor) x 24 tests / CE Marked*

15. CDG Q-Strip® DHEA x 24 tests / FDA listed / CE Marked

16. CDG Q-Strip® TSH x 24 tests / CE Marked*

17. CDG Q-Strip® T3L x 24 tests / CE Marked*

18. CDG Q-Strip® T4L x 24 tests / CE Marked *

19. CDG Q-Strip® Specific IgE Ampicillin*

20. CDG Q-Strip® Specific IgE Penicilloyl G*

21. CDG Q-Strip® Specific IgE penicilloyl V*
22. CDG Q-Strip® Specific IgE Mites (molecular allergens)*

*Under development, coming up on 2020.

Advantages and Benefits:

High Technology Immunoassays with Chemiluminescent

detection technology

Immunoassays taked to the highest level


Single-use cartridges including all reagents necessary to perform the test ready-to-use

Transparency and simple calculation of cost per-result


100% automatic processing and reporting, featuring minimal user intervention

Improves quality while reducing labor costs


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