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“We produce innovative solutions using leading-edge automation and exclusive design that help labs reduce critical labor costs while improving response time and the quality of results”


CDG Biotech Corporation, an IVD-manufacturer based in California, focuses on novel-clinical diagnostics for labs and physicians to meet patient care needs.

After 4 years of intense research and development activities we have developed “The CDG Biotech Q-Strip® test” what is a solid-phase immunoassay designed for in-vitro quantitative measurement of hormones and other biomarkers in human and veterinary applications.

Thanks to automation and exclusive designs our products help laboratories reduce critical labor costs and improve response time while simultaneously increasing the quality of results.

The tests are offered in unique, single-use cartridge format minimizing user intervention.

Company Timeline

Quality Policy

CDG Biotech Corp is focused on generate superb customer satisfaction by providing in-vitro diagnostics products that will meet our clients’ needs. As such, we have implemented a Quality Management System which complies with internal and regulatory requirements.

Our organization is focused on continuous improvement as its strategic imperative.​ We periodically review our Quality Management System to ensure effectiveness and compliance with current standards according to the guidelines established by regulatory agencies.

ISO Certificate ISO 13485

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Manufacturer License


Manufacturer License FDA

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