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Virclia Lotus


The VirClia® Lotus system is the new fully-automated Chemiluminescence solution from Vircell® for the automatization of infectious serology with the VirlCia® Monotest kits.


Also compatible with Q-strips® (Starting June 2022).

In combination with the VirClia®  and Q-strip® Single Cartridge Tests, laboratories can daily process a large panel of more than 150 tests with a complete traceability. Thanks to its versatility and the wide range of tests for infectious serology, laboratories can process their analysis on a daily basis, without the need to batch samples or refer them to outside centers.

VirClia® LOTUS Advantages

Monotest format: all reagents included and ready-to-use sample.
1 Monotest = 1 Reportable test
Allows pipetting from primary sample tubes

Can process hundreds of tests per day

LOTUS Characteristics

• Random access & Continuous loading
• Speed:
First result in 1h00
40 tests in 1h25
80 tests in 2h30
• STAT function for emergency sample management
• Strip loading capacity: 39 strips in loading rotor and 40 strips in reaction rotor
• Samples loading capacity: 50 Primary tubes
Built-in scanner identification of samples, strips and reagents
Dimensions : W 75cm x D 74cm x H 65 cm

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