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CDG Q-strip Advanced Training

Updated: Jul 4

Day 1

Meeting summary for CDG Q-strip Advanced Training day 1
Download PDF • 82KB

Day 2

Advance training Q-strip Day 2
Download PDF • 1.62MB

Support material

Subject- Standarization of immunoassays
Download PDF • 1.82MB
Q_Strip Calibration QC and FAQ 2023_Ver 1_02102023
Download PDF • 1.07MB
Subject- Acceptance Limits for Proficiency Testing for Q-strip Tests
Download PDF • 119KB
Recommended Quality Control for Q-strip Version 1 _02102023
Download PDF • 322KB
CDG Multi Ligand Quality Control bulletin
Download PDF • 6.35MB
CDG Validation tools July 2024
Download ZIP • 3.23MB
CDG Q-strip Quality Control ver 2
Download PDF • 1.28MB

Day 3

Day 3 Meeting summary for CDG Q
Download PDF • 49KB
Advance Training CDG Q-strip Day 3
Download PDF • 1.50MB

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